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About Us

We partner with brands and people to develop innovative products and route to market solutions from the bottom of the pyramid to main stream wholesale and top end retail.

SNAC is the acronym for “Snacking, Nutrition And Convenience” because we know the big part “SNAC’ing” plays in all our lives and the opportunity that exists to improve the quality of one’s diet as consumer needs demand convenience and on-the-go meal solutions.

We develop healthy snacking solutions that don ’t compromise on taste, are nutritious & innovative and are readily available at affordable price points. We want to ensure peace of mind that what you are eating is genuinely nutritious and healthier with a functional benefit.

What we do

SNAC Solutions develops innovative snacking solutions for DOB's (Dealer own Brands) as well as its own brands. We partner with our clients to understand their brief and the market gap and through collaboration and data analysis we deliver upon their needs, whether this is new product development, range renovation or route to market development.

Why we do it

We are passionate about innovation and partnering with brands and people to add value to their businesses.

SNAC Solutions was established out of the desire to bring to the market "healthier" snacking options for all consumers who are in search of convenient on-the-go meals for any time of the day.

Nutritional snacks manufacture and packing

High Protein bars

High Protein, Low Carbohydrate bars

Energy bars

Granola bars

Slimmers bars

Fruit bars

Low GI food bars

Diabetic bars

High fibre snack bars

Fudges & Caramels


Nutritional powders blending and packing

High Protein shakes

Slimmers Meal shakes

Slimmers Drink

Isotonic Drink supplements

Diabetic supplements

Dietary Fiber supplements

Vitamin & mineral blends

Collagen based supplements

Amino acids and more

Nutritional liquids blending and packing

Isotonic Drinks

Sports Energy gels

Herbal tinctures

Herbal tonics

Nutritional capsule supplements manufacture and packing


Multi-vitamin and Minerals

Condition specific blends

Amino acids

Meet the team

David Sweidan

Managing Director, David is an innovative marketing and business executive with proven experience in innovation, marketing, sales, customer, brand, account and general business management. Having been a part of entrepreneurial led businesses and having worked on some of the largest local and international brands, it was time to follow his entrepreneurial calling.

His passion is working with people and brands and developing innovative products, strategies and executional plans that deliver upon the consumer and business need.

David Sweidan

Amy Sweidan

Director, Amy started her career as an investment broker after completing her honours in Finance and Investment management. Her finance background has seen her move into Private banking before taking a path into a marketing agency and finally to pursue her passion of creating "convenient & healthier" snacks that can be readily accessible.

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